1. Chaos.

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  2. Palace guard on Flickr.


  3. Lunch with Danny B @dinershoreditch

  4. Nelsons Column on Flickr.

    I tour guided my American cousin and his girlfriend around London for the day back in August 2013.

  5. German Bar on Flickr.

    Coburg, Germany 2013


  6. Despite Easter being a massive crock of shit

    I’ve managed to have a great weekend. I actually forgot we played a show on Friday but that was sweet. 

    Just really enjoyed spending time at home with Demi and seeing my family, I didn’t realise how long it had been since I’d done it and how much I’d missed it.


  7. I need to start taking photos again.

    I lost my passion for it again, but went for a walk in the forest with my girl today and kept seeing things, set ups that I wanted to photograph. I only had a shitty disposable camera on me that the photo-shop gave me for messing up my film months back so they’ll probably come out shit… but I felt that excitement again :]


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  9. giantsuk:

    Took a break from writing yesterday & got a good 5/6 hours in at Mile End skatepark. @frobycam went in!

  10. Slowly becoming obsessed with this section.