Our New Record Is Coming.


So as some of you may have noticed, apart from a few shows such as our five year anniversary show, Deadbolt Fest and more - we have been relatively quiet compared to our usual touring schedules over past summers.

This is because we have been locked away at Jacks studio in Essex, focusing all…

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Our good friend and legendary photographer Kane Hibberd came out to a few of the shows on our last tour and took a bunch of rad photos. A few highlights are below but check out the full gallery HERE.





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So July was an eventful month. My band celebrated it’s five year anniversary by playing a show on the exact date of our first ever gig. It was amazing, by far the hottest/sweatiest show we’ve ever played and at one point I did actually feel as if I was going to keel over.

Five years is a long time to be in a band, especially a band such as ours with the music we play. We’ve watched good bands come and go and we’ve watched absolute shite take the reigns for reasons unknown to us.
But never the less, I couldn’t be more stoked on the music we’re writing together atm, the 5 year show was a “wave goodbye” to a lot of old material and now we can move forward with the album we have written. 
5 days after the show, my girlfriend and I embarked on our very first holiday together to southern Spain. This trip away was technically quite ill timed considering all the stuff happening at home for me atm, but the accommodation was free so I thought fuck it, I needed to get away from this awful island for a while.
So we had 7 days of absolute paradise together with her Uncle and his girlfriend at a deserted golf resort in Ayamonte, Spain. The resort’s owners had ran out of money halfway through development and so the golf course was unfinished, only 20 apartments sold out of 147. There was practically no one there, no screaming kids by the pool, no noisy lager louts - nothing. It was heaven. 

I took a load more photos which I’ll probably post on here.
I’ve been back a little over a week, and I already wish I never left Spain. I hate this place so much and a lot of people here with it too. 
After a rocky 6 months, we’re finally moving out of this house into my Aunt & Uncles, which sounds shit, but they’re in the dumps with money atm too so we’d be helping them out, which is cool, shows my family still care enough about eachother to stick together. It’s going to be weird and tough for a while but I’m trying to stay positive. Honestly don’t know where I’d be without Demi atm, she’s helped so much with the move and everything just generally being there and being great, I love her so much. Hopefully it’s a new leaf for me and not the other side of the one I turned over 2 and a half years ago…

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