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    Took a break from writing yesterday & got a good 5/6 hours in at Mile End skatepark. @frobycam went in!

  2. Slowly becoming obsessed with this section.


  3. I’m an insomniac.

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    Tombstone Patern

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    Sick #LiveAtTheLab session yesterday! Managed to snap this shot of @ashleythomaswood mid track with @archaensoundtrack haha #soundlabstudios

  6. New shoooooooes

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  8. "I’m not back home for a week
    and am trying not to text you
    at the show I’m at.
    I hate all of these bands
    and miss all of my friends.
    Do you ever feel you peak and are at your most epithetic
    on your weakest weeks?
    I’m still shut down.
    “I don’t believe in modern love”
    So when you say “don’t call me again”
    does that affect what you said about not wanting to stop being friends? I guess we’re both dead ends
    and I can’t feel the same way.
    Our lives cross so rarely.
    I can’t feel the way I did back then."

    Cloud of Dust - Our Time Down Here

    Guys in bands will get these lyrics, haha.

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    why he lick me

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